Blue Star Mothers of North Carolina

Blue to Gold Service

Blue to Gold Ceremony
Honoring those who have made the Ultimate Sacrifice

When:  October 8, 2011 at 10:00 am

Where:  Seacoast Church, 2317 Stanley Road, Greensboro, NC 27407


Each year the United States president is requested to issue a proclamation to: call on US government officials to display the nation’s flag on all government buildings; and to call on people to display the flag and hold appropriate meetings at homes, churches, or other suitable places on Gold Star Mother’s Day to publicly express the love, sorrow, and reverence those who are Gold Star mothers and their families.

Blue Star Mothers of America is a national service and outreach organization, charted by the United States Congress in June of 1960. Blue Star Mothers of America is non-partisan and has no particular religious affiliation.  We are outreach and service organizations in communities all across America. The sole mission of each BSM Chapter is to serve any and all of our military troops and their families. A Blue Star Mother is a Mother of a son or daughter who is presently serving active duty or has had a son or daughter that has served and has been honorably discharged from any branch of our military branches. A Gold Star Mother is a mother who’s son or daughter has come home as a Fallen Hero.

As a part of our Blue to Gold ceremony we will honor our mothers or designated family members of Fallen Heroes and present their Gold Star Flag, Condolence Book and other gifts of remembrance.